About Us


“Matchback Container, Cargo, and Trailer through our network Billion pairs to optimize the wastage”


“Build a Global network of logistics chain which enables savings of 10 Billion KM wastage of empty runs for Trailers, Containers, and Cargo”

Our Core Team

Founded by an industry veteran with an experience of handling 1 million containers annually across the container supply chain. The blend of experience & technology for problem solving of removal of the biggest wastage in the supply chain, MatchLog was formed in July 2019.

Dhruv Taneja

Dhruv Taneja

Founder & CEO
Harsh Vardhan Gupta

Harsh Vardhan Gupta

Manish Singh

Manish Singh

Co-Founder & CPTO
Abhishek Baheti

Abhishek Baheti

Co-Founder & CBO

What We Do

We optimise Cargo, Equipment, Modal and Transport Route in the most opportune manner and benefit each of the stakeholders.

  • Ecosystem of benefit to each stakeholder
  • Minimizing wastage of freight
  • Optimization of Cargo Increased utilization of Equipment Best possible Modal Most feasible Transport Route

How We Do It

The Company stands on the pillars of utilization, optimization, and visibility driven by a technology driven platform which enables process automation across processes, integrates ecosystem to provide seamless services digitally as well as manually.

Our tech platform enables that every cargo, equipment...

The Way Forward

MatchLog is a professionally managed entity, which moves forward using disruptions in the industry to create synchronisation in businesses and relationships between stakeholders.

We aspire to be the name when people in the world of cargo, containers and intermodal, think of the word 'Matchback'.