We at MatchLog, provide Street Turn as a tech-driven solution for streamlining hinterland transportation for EXIM Containers.

  • Eliminate Dry Runs
  • Save Cost
  • Optimise Delivery
  • Reduce Time
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Our trucking partners can see immense savings in both time and cost using Street Turn. Either provide us your matched return load to triangulate or find a return load on our platform.

  • Save Fuel and Time taken for Empty Depot Runs
  • Reuse or Switch Containers
  • Instant Approval from Shipping Lines
  • 24/7 Support by MatchLog
  • Additional / Incremental Revenue
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Save time and thereby cost with Street Turn while doing your bit for the planet. We can help you tap into the Street Turn opportunities available for your own import/export bookings.

  • Find Street Turn opportunities available for your own import/export bookings.
  • Increase Productivity, thereby, saving time and money
  • Capture Carbon/¬†Distance / Fuel Savings for each street turn
  • Guarantee of Export Ready Containers
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Repurpose Your Container with 3 Simple Steps

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Why Us

India's premier tech-driven Street Turn facilitator

MatchLog is dedicated to optimising container and trailer transportation by maximising load capacity. Established in 2019, our team comprises of seasoned professionals in supply chain and container logistics. We've adopted a bottom-up strategy, incorporating invaluable feedback from all stakeholders to refine our platform.

We have the dual advantage of an in-house proprietary application and MiSTY (MatchLog Integrated Street Turn Yards) locations which are strategically located network points in the hinterland. MiSTYs which act as an interface for modal operators to bring in containers that are digitally surveyed, aligned and triangulated to export bookings.

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