MatchLog partners with Haulio to expand presence in Southeast Asia

Logistics & SCM | Published on 19 June 2024

MatchLog is a pioneer in sustainable logistics and supply chain optimization. Our mission is to match-back container, cargo, and trailer through its network of billion pairs and reduce wastage.

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Container optimisation: Maximising efficiency

Logistics & SCM | Published on 18 June 2024

Global trade of today is navigating through rough seas. While the interconnectedness and trade ties have opened the doors for various economies, there has been a significant rise in disruptions since the past few years, which has resulted in a significant decline in trade.

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A Mumbai firm finds a way to reduce container turnaround time from 34 days to 2 days

ET Rise | Published on 23 May 2024

The one thing Dhruv Taneja learnt while running his container depot business in Gandhidham was that an empty box can also be good for commerce. This runs against conventional thinking in logistics, where an empty container is considered a burden as it does not generate revenue but still adds to storage and transportation expenses.Taneja’s business in 2008 was providing a parking lot near Mundra port for empty containers.

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How MatchLogs focusing on cutting costs, carbon emissions across logistics sector

BizzBuzz | Published on 22 May 2024

MatchLog is a pioneer in sustainable logistics and supply chain optimization. Our mission is to match-back container, cargo, and trailer through its network of billion pairs and reduce wastage.

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Revolutionizing container logistics by optimizing cargo movement, thus reducing carbon emissions and operational inefficiencies

The Startup Road | Published on 22 May 2024

The logistics and transportation sector is grappling with a significant problem: the inefficiency of container movement. This issue is multi-faceted, encompassing the under utilization of containers, excessive carbon emissions due to empty runs, and the lack of an optimized transport route for cargo.

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MatchLog collaborates with DahNAY for sustainable logistics

Indian Transport & Logistics News | Published on 15 May 2024

MatchLog has collaborated with DahNAY, a company providing innovative logistics solutions, to optimize supply chain management via efficient container triangulation. By repurposing emptied import containers to fulfill export bookings, MatchLog and DahNAY aim to minimize empty container movements, significantly reducing carbon emissions. This collaboration highlights the commitment of both companies to sustainability and green logistics, aligning with DahNAY's theme for their 18th year, ‘The Year of Green.’

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MatchLog | Matchmaking for containers

Rainmatter | Published on 7 May 2024

Shipping containers are one of the most important cogs in the wheel of global trade. We wrote about how shipping affects global trade and inflation recently, explaining the importance of shipping routes. Bhuvan has also explored the history of shipping containers themselves. Once those containers are loaded onto a truck and hit the road, they become figures in GST accounts and traffic annoyances for most people. Adding to carbon emissions.

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MatchLog Bags Funding To Scale Up Its Cargo Container Platform

Inc42 | Published on 26 Apr 2024

Cargo container reuse platform MatchLog Solutions has raised $1.5 Mn in its pre-Series A funding round co-led by Motion Ventures and July Ventures. The round also saw participation from Venture Catalysts, Blue Ashva Capital, and Capital A.

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Company of the Month

India Seatrade Magazine | Digital Edition November 2022

India Seatrade Magazine has announces MatchLog as "Company of the Month" in their Magazine issue for November 2022

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MatchLog partners with ODeX, a step towards Sustainable Development

India Seatrade News | Published on 21 Oct 2022

MatchLog, India’s first & largest Tech driven Asset Light Transportation and Matchback enabler recently announced a collaboration with ODeX, the fastest-growing digital platform, for the ocean shipping industry to offer First Mile & Last Mile Container Trucking across India with a view to eliminate empty container dry runs and decarbonize container logistics.

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Logistics Optimisation Startup MatchLog Raises $3 Mn To Develop Its Tech Platform

Inc42 | Published on 19 Jan 2022

MatchLog claims to be able to solve more than $2 Bn worth of fuel wastage and 2 Mn tonnes of carbon emissions annually in India. The startup will use the freshly raised capital to develop its tech platform and machine-learning-based cargo pairing system

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Logistics optimising platform MatchLog raises $3 mn in pre-series-A round

Business Standard | Published on 19 Jan 2022

MatchLog claims it is India's first firm to offer at scale the ability to turnaround a container from import to export cycle, thereby eliminating empty runs to and from container yards.

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The Container Matchmaker

India Seatrade | Published on Feb 2021

MatchLog is India's first Tech driven Asset Light Street Turn / Matchback / Triangulation Enabler, which helps in reducing movement of empty containers. Many import containers after getting destuffed at the destination, return empty all the way to the port and shipping line reposition them to other trade lanes that have demand. Matchlog's Matchback helps in assigning export cargo to such import containers on the return leg.

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Do a 44-day job in a few hours: This Gujarat startup can save billions for the shipping industry

ETPrime | Published on 18 Nov 2019

MatchLog can turn around an import-bound container in about 60 hours, a work which otherwise takes 44 days in India. Its algorithm-led triangulation exercise helps importers, trucking-services providers, and exporters save time and money. But the uncertain nature of the container-traffic business is a hurdle the startup needs to keep in mind.

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Geneva’s MSC picks up logistics start-up MatchLog to drive efficiencies, lower costs

The Hindu Businessline | Published on 13 Oct 2019

Geneva-based Mediterranean Shipping Company or MSC, the world’s second-biggest container carrier, has taken the help of an Indian logistics start-up to cut costs, reduce wastages and drive efficiencies in the country’s container logistics chain.

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