Bring in your supply chain delivery problem to us and see the power of network which will drive immediate value and bring down your wastage on freight.

With fastest accessibility to most major and minor ports of India and up to date with the latest changes in the market, working out the most appropriate solution for you for best in class delivery timelines, ensuring you spend less than before and bill more than before!

Container Matchback

Triangulation and Empty Repo

Using the power of machine learning and continuous understanding of patterns and flow for cargo & container through ports & hinterland, our system generates the most feasible & optimized pairs across the supply chain network.


India's first Multi-modal marketplace

The country’s inter-modal network provides capacity of 100 million moves every month. At MatchLog, we continuously curate the best 1 million moves with the best in class freight index available in the country.

Control Tower

Digitizing the Chain for Optimization

Through our connected digital control towers, we add value not only to freight but giving the visibility, platform for collaboration and enabling a zero-wastage self-sustaining supply chain.