Bring in your supply chain delivery problem to us and see the power of network which will drive immediate value and bring down your wastage on freight.

With fastest accessibility to most major and minor ports of India and up to date with the latest changes in the market, working out the most appropriate solution for you for best in class delivery timelines, ensuring you spend less than before and bill more than before!

First Mile, Mid Mile, Last Mile & Drayage Delivery

India’s 1st & only Multi - Modal Marketplace

We offer first mile, mid mile, final mile, and drayage delivery solutions, pioneering customers' expectations of speed, visibility, and convenience with our single window tech-driven TMS platform.

MatchLog Integrated Street Turn Yard (MiSTY)

A Network Point & Triangulation Enabler

MiSTY is a strategically located network point in hinterland which acts as an interface for modal operators to bring in containers that are digitally surveyed, aligned and triangulated to export bookings available on MatchLog's TMS platform.

Transport Management System (TMS)

Digitizing the Operations Management

TMS is for Transportation Management System, a user-friendly one-stop platform with a bottom-up construction that offers solutions enabling our many stakeholders to optimise and efficiently carry out their transport plans in synchronisation.